Ass sniffing

I went to a technology meeting tonight. Very few girls go to these things, usually none, and even fewer hot girls go to these things, usually none. I’m the organizer of this particular meeting. A hot girl attended tonight. She and I ended up parking in a way that my car blocked hers in. Later that night she’d have to wait for me before she could leave. After the meeting a few of us went out for drinks. I talked to her for a minute at the beginning of the meeting and then once after that. Another guy sat next to her and they talked for most of the meeting. I didn’t sit next to her at the restaurant/bar. I had a great conversation about beer and guns and science-fiction with some of the guys.

When we left the restaurant/bar she and I walked back to our cars and talked. At some point after 15 minutes talking I started feeling like we’d been talking too long without touching or without me doing something else, leaving, whatever. I started thinking about what to do but that was distracting so I stopped thinking about what to do. I was having fun talking to this 25 year old white blonde HB6. She was telling me some things she thought were interesting or funny. I was doing less than 40% of the talking.

We talked about random stuff for perhaps around 30 minutes. She looked comfortable, played with her hair, showed me some stuff in her car. I didn’t make a move to touch her even when we were looking at stuff in her car. I had this feeling that I shouldn’t touch her, that if I touched her she might not like it, something like that. At the same time I wanted to touch her and she seemed to like me and I liked her. I thought to myself “maybe I could just ask her if I could kiss her.” I didn’t do that. I didn’t want to tell her I was leaving and then leave without touching her. She said something about leaving and we shook hands to go and I remembered some funny handshakes my friends and I used to joke around with and I showed them to her. I showed her one of the mason type handshakes, the one where you grab each others ankles and she made some jokes about it. She said something like “do you have one where you have to sniff someone’s ass while you bend over to grab their ankle” and I didn’t understand her at first so I asked her to repeat it. I laughed when I understood it and said I couldn’t think of any circumstances where I’d sniff ass and she gave me a quizzical look and I said … unless it was a top secret ass sniffing that I never told anyone about. She reminded me there aren’t any girls in the masons and I mentioned that without any girls the masons wouldn’t qualify for even top secret ass sniffing.

We said goodbye and shook hands again and she said something like “actually I should give you a hug” and she started to hug me. I put a hand on her waist and looked at her and said “…actually” and kissed her. At this point my heart was racing. I couldn’t believe I was going to kiss her, I couldn’t believe I did kiss her. She kissed me back. No tongue, just a brief kiss on the lips.

From the moment the hug started forward I was pretty nervous. Actually now that I think about it I was more nervous post-hug but I was nervous the whole time, maybe because I had already decided I thought she was pretty and I wanted to escalate physically with her. When the ass sniffing shit came up, I’m lol’ing right now, but it caught me off guard and I fell flat. I didn’t know what to say. I knew there had been opportunities to escalate and I had held back.

She said something like “you’re old” in kind of a surprised and inquisitive voice and I said “you’re a pervert”. She said “you’re what like 38″ and I said “nope”. She said how old are you? I said “how much of a pervert do you think you are?” She said something else I don’t remember perhaps “no really how old are you” or something like that. I put my other hand on her waist. I said “you have to guess exactly”. She kept guessing and finally guessed right. She said something like “i guess that’s ok”. I nodded. I kissed her again.

I could have done a lot of things different. I wish I had: made it happen in less time, escalated physically sooner, told her I was leaving, teased her about a lot of things I could have teased her about, only kissed her once, teased her and pushed her away at least once.

On the other hand. Wow. That’s the first time I’ve kissed a girl since my fiance jilted me 3 years ago. That’s the first time I’ve kissed a girl the day I met her. Also, the first time I’ve kissed a girl more than a few years younger than me.

My first text message. Context: During our talking I had mentioned one of my favorite movies and she had said she was going to watch it tonight. We parted around 11 PM and I sent this around midnight.
“you wimped out i bet”

She responded immediately:
“I’m watching it right now!”



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